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Duty to Ride aims to fundraise efforts to dedicate a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in honour of all motorcyclists who have lost their lives or been seriously injured whilst riding in the course of their duties.

Memorial to Couriers & Despatch Riders

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) is proposing to dedicate a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum to the memory of all those motorcyclists throughout the world who have lost their lives or been seriously injured whilst riding in the course of their duties. These may be despatch riders and couriers in the various branches of the armed forces but also civilian riders such as blood deliveries, organ deliveries, and other essential couriers.  

The estimated cost of such a memorial is in the region of £500,000.  Contributions are therefore requested from across all the armed forces that use motorcycle riders including despatch riders, couriers, escorts and other functions as well as civilian organisations such as the NHS, blood and organ deliveries etc. It is also hoped that contributions will also be forthcoming from the motorcycling fraternity, motorcycle clubs, and fund-raising events.

Initial application has already been submitted to the National Memorial Arboretum for such a memorial, whilst the deposit has been paid.  We now need to raise the money, commission the memorial itself, and make arrangements for its ongoing maintenance.

Duty to Ride Nationwide Event – Sunday the 3rd of July 2022 Contact ride@dutytoride.org for more info

Everybody within Duty to Ride has been absolutely blown away by all the support we've had so far, including the fantastic turnout we received at our Duty to Ride launch event in Staffordshire on the 1st of May. However, if you weren’t able to attend in May, we are excited to share that you won’t have to wait very long to get your chance to support DTR across the UK... Whilst the 1st of May was our official launch event, we know not everyone was able to make it to the Staffordshire ride. That's why, after plenty of promising responses, we have decided to make DTR a national event so that vintage motorcycle enthusiasts across the country will all get the opportunity to support Duty to Ride by taking part in a new local, organised, annual ride on the first Sunday in July. Organised by local, independent sections of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club, these nationwide rides will all be in honour of DTR, with all money raised going towards the creation of our proposed memorial. Full criteria available for each ride can be found below.

  • UK-wide across VMCC sections, inclusive of those not in the VMCC who want to take part in their local/closest area.
  • VMCC members should contact your section secretary to find out more information about taking part.
  • Non-VMCC members should contact ride@dutytoride.org to find out more information about taking part.
  • Each section to decide on their own run whether that’s 30 miles or 50 miles.
  • Please donate what you can before taking part, ideally at least £20, through our official JustGiving page.
  • Stop for lunch halfway through the journey, meet new people chat through the importance of the DTR before heading back to complete the ride.
  • Our JustGiving page will remain open to everyone who can donate, regardless of whether you will be taking part in a local ride.

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